Yup, I'm Archiving My "Offers And Launches Online" Free Facebook Group!
#1 FB Reach SUCKS Now...
I can't talk to everyone in the group anymore, or send key messages when I need to. It's absolutely affected delivery and any kind of community experience. Even when I'm posting, almost no one sees it (thanks zuck!)
#2 FB Just Ripped Out All Their Plug-ins
It's almost a full time job just to keep up with pointless updates that force me to perpetually be trying to game even USING the FB Group platform... FOR THE GROUP. It's so demotivating to keep up with their updates which make it HARDER to use.
#3 I'm Sick Of Having My Programs And Community Separate...
I've decided to move everything to Circle. I spend a month comparing every community and content platform, and Circle seems like the absolute miracle combo I've been dying for. Expect a new level from me BECAUSE Circle exists. 
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